Thursday, 12 July 2012



I LOVE this skirt so much, I got it from Primark for about £9.00 I think a couple of months ago, its really light and easy to wear. I have a real thing for anything maxi at the moment, there's something about a floaty dress or skirt that makes me feel all summery and there so easy to wear with a knit if its a bit chilly. The top is also a Primarni bargain it was £3.00 and I got it in Coral too.. they're long and loose fitting so look great with leggings too.

This outfit was perfect for todays sunny one second/cloudy the next weather! Me and my boyfriend went to Bourne to look around our new home(the one i'll be living in at weekends and holidays) not my student one. I was really glad we went for another look, they had corrected all the things we'd noticed before that needed fixing on our first visit and I think once we've added our personal taste to the house it'll be lovely :) were even allowed to decorate. I didn't take any pictures as the house is literally an empty shell at the moment and needs alot of cleaning, but once were settled in at the beginning of August i'll share lots of 'new home' photos for you to see:)

After our visit to the new home we stopped off at my parents house and played with baby Callum.. oh I love him so much..eekkk. He is now 3 months old, which is a big turning point for a baby according to his Daddy..hehe. Also it means that he's old enough to go on his first swing, ok he spent most of it dribbling but i'm sure he loved it! The little doggies in the pictures are Micha my sisters little chiwawa and Ellie my mums schnauzer.. they both love Callum and are always checking to see if he's ok.. so cute!

Right better get back to packing my belongings in boxes. Thank you to my new followers, it means so much that you chose to follow me <3

Toodle Pip

Jo. xx


  1. ohh the photo of doggy and baby is so adorable! i love how excited they are by each other!x

    1. The dogs are always checking up on him, they love him so much..hehe. x

  2. this is such a cute blog x i loved the pictures! its cute your doggies are looking out for him!

    Natali xox

  3. ahhhh what a cute babba!! love that skirt :) x

  4. this is the cutest!