Thursday, 8 March 2012

Florence and the Machine Day

I actually went to the Florence and the Machine gig on Tuesday 6th in Nottingham but have only just finished sorting through the many photo's I took at the gig (most were blurred due to me bouncing around) :)
After convincing my boyfriend, cousin and friend to que early with me I managed to get to the front.. making standing in the cold for 2 hours SO worth it!!
I've been a fan of Florence for years and she didn't disappoint, such an energenic gig. She didn't sing a note out of tune and wore an amazing velvet fitted jumpsuit with stunning gold beaded detaling and a matching cloak with peacock feather print on the inside. She really is such an all round idol of mine so classy, talented and an amazing singer/songwriter to boot.

I need a new camera :( i've decided the summer holidays are going to be spent working so I can get a lovely SLR.

People have already been uploading videos on Youtube, this song was a particular highlight for me.. enjoy :)

Love Jo. xx


  1. wow she looks fab! lovely outfit :) x

  2. Thanky you. I'll check out your blog now :) xx