Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Asteroid Galaxy Tour and London

The last two days i've been lucky enough to have a trip to London :) I've loved The Asteroid Galaxy Tour for the past 5 years, their a six piece band from Denmark with a kick ass horn section.. which last night consisted of 1 sax player and 2 trumpet players. The vocalist Mette Lindberg.. (one of the prettiest women i've ever seen) has the most amazingly unique and mesmerising singing voices i've ever heard. Lars Iversen is the founder of the band, producer, writes most of the songs and plays the guitar, keyboard and backing vocals in the band (a very talented man I think you'll agree)

And how gorgeous are this band?

Last night I was so happy to of been able to attend their only UK tour date whilst they promote their new album. I really don't understand why they aren't more popular here yet!! The whole band really get into the whole performance with lots of dancing and energy, along with fantastic banter with the audience. If any of you live in or near London I would really recommend The Scala, it's a really lovely and intimate venue.. not the kind of venue you'd expect really good bands to play. The stage isn't raised at all, theres no barriers or hefty security men.. you literally are stood right on top of the band and to me thats the best type of gig.

Well Mette is certainly one of my new style icons, she has an amazing sense of style.
This is what she wore last night :)

I managed to find this clip from the gig on youtube.. I was right on the front row and am probably one of the little head bobbing about in front :)

They were supported by The Foreign Office. This song was used for the ASOS catwalks on their website, which is where I heard of them first. They are such a great band and even better live!! I expect big things from them :)

Love Jo.x


  1. I always wondered who that song was by! It's on an advert...for lager I think? You pulled together a perfect gig outfit, the sequin cardi's my favourite :) Niki x

  2. You look lovely :) Hope you had fun x

    love your blog, now following!
    check out mine if you like?

    Emilie xox

  3. Amazing jacket!


  4. She kinda looks like Heidi Klum in the first picture!