Thursday, 5 April 2012


Blouse - Primark Skirt - Julian McDonald Shoes - Topshop Beanie - Primark

Today i've been feeling a little bit better.. however I wasn't in the mood for shopping, so I must still be ill :)
I'm going to see my best friend and her new baby for the first time tomorrow, i'm so excited. Spent about an hour trying to decide what to buy her, in the end I got her a pretty floral summer dress and tiny little socks to go with it :)
I'm going to be uploading a few more items onto Ebay tonight, i'll post links on twitter when i've uploaded each item and then post the items on my blog tomorrow.

My ebay account is
and my twitter is!/Josephinepearlx

Can anyone tell me how to put links into blogger? I type my links into the link icon on blogger and when I view the post its invisible! also how to people edit, customise and shorten their links? i've looked online and not found anything yet. Ahhh i'm so bad with technology! i'm sure its really simple..hehe.

Love Jo. xx


  1. love this outfit! as for the links, i'm also useless with html etc sorry :( xx

  2. bahhh that is the cutest outfit ever! :)