Monday, 16 July 2012


Clockwise L-R: Premium Bralett - ASOS £55|Aztec Embroidery Purse-ASOS £15|Estee Lauder Night Repair Serum-Debenhams £34.17(30ml)|Contrast Sleeve Leather Jacket-ASOS £35|Moustache Watch-River Island £15|Hidden Heel High Tops-River Island £40|Pack of Adjustable Rings-ASOS £8|Abbi Chelsea Boots-ASOS £38|Leopard Bow Umberella-Topshop £15|

Hey guys, so I think this is going to be a regular post on my blog every Monday. I know its not that imaginative but I love looking at other bloggers collections such as this and love them! so I thought why not do one myself once a week! I a massive online shopper so each week i'll share with you a little collection of things I'm lusting after!
I've linked the items above, just click on the item description and away you go!

*I'm in love with this bralett, I actually found a little bag decorated in exactly the same way in a charity shop so this would go great with it. It is fairly expensive at £55, but the amount of detail on it is stunning.. it would also go with everything due to all the different coloured beads. However I am waiting for it to go in the sale (cheeky)

*The Aztec Purse will feed my craving for everying Navajo style, I love how its embroided too.. giving it a real homemade feel.

*I've read so many good reviews of the Estée Lauder night repair Serum, I really want to improve my skincare routine. It is expensive but I found it in Debenhams for £34.17, however i'm going to trawl through Ebay to try and find one even cheaper.. because i'm a stingy bugger.
*Now if you've seen a few of my blog posts you'll probably know I have a thing for leather jackets! I've worn them here hereand hereI love the contrasting coloured 3/4 length sleeves and its in the sale!!

*I'm always willing to try anything to give me a few more inches in height! and I love these high tops with a hidden heel. Although I do think i'll chicken out and just buy a black pair.. they'll go with everything. I first spotted these on Lana Del Rey, she wore the white ones here I think they will look really cute with girly style dreses but then also with skinny jeans or leggings in winter.

*I just love the simplicity of these rings from ASOS, i've been wanting to add more understated rings to my collection so these are ideal. The fact that there adjustable is an added bonus, you can also get studded versions of these too :)

*Now we get to the boots, probably the most simple thing on the list.. but the item I want the most. I've been trying to find/win a pair of Allegras on Ebay for as long as I can remember, I have the red pair and they are soooo comfortable. These ones from ASOS are dead ringers for the Allegras at half the price too!

*Well the last item is for this appalling summer were having! it really is starting to depress me and what better way to cheer me up (and keep me dry) than this amazing umberella. I love the leopard print/bow combination design and it seems pretty large, plus my old one blew inside out and broke the other day.. so I need another one :)

Right I hope my ramblings make sense! I'm hoping to get outside and do an outfit post tomorrow, plus i'll be putting items up on ebay. Oh and I have a special delivery coming tomorrow.. the most amazing vintage poodle lamp..haha. This delivery might actually mean i'll have to get dressed before 11am tomorrow! oh its hard being a student isn't it!!

Also thank you to my new followers, it really does make my day <3

Love Jo. x


  1. Wishlist posts are always good! I have those trainers in black and white too, they're so comfy deff worth the investment! That poodle lamp sounds amazing xxx

    1. Thank you for your follow lovely lady, I love your blog :) followed :)

      You'll see the poodle lamp tomorrow :) I think i'll get a pair of the trainers.. I just can't decide what colour/patter, might be one of those occassions where I have to actually go into the shop to try them on.. at the end of the day I have to buy the ones I know i'll wear the most :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. I know, there lush! think I might end up getting the white or black pair though as they'll go with more :) xx

  3. Love your picks! I love your blog. Definitely following now! Stay in touch and stop by my new blog! xx

    1. Thank you my dear. Following your blog pretty lady :)

      Jo. x

  4. Thank you, I love them too :)
    Jo. x

  5. Ooo I hope you feature your red boots some time - I'd love to see! The black ones are gorgeous. As is the moustache watch! I mean, why not?

  6. I love wish list posts (even though when I make them I get depressed that I can't actually afford to get everything!). The simple trio of rings are so lovely, have been considering getting some myself for a while.

    Alice x

  7. The bralet looks gorgeous and I'm loving the contrast sleeve top!!

  8. Love everything on here, ESPECIALLY the boots.

    Ava Tallulah