Monday, 30 July 2012


Untitled #4

Clockwise L-R-Wet Look Skirt-ASOS£30.00|Roller HatTopshop£25|Dahlia@ASOS£39|Dress-Glamorous£37.99|Mixed Yarn BlazerRiver Island£50|Metallic Heel Shoes-H&M£30|Lilac Lace Dress-Jones and Jones@Topshop£60|

Hey my lovelies :)
Hello to my new followers and i'm really sorry that i'm not replying to comments as much recently, moving house is consuming most of the hours of my day...I never realised i'd accumulated so much stuff!! (thanks to my addiction of charity shop shopping). Hopefully i'll resume with putting more items up on Ebay tomorrow, I meant to do more tonight but I spent most of my evening packing away pots and pans.. so fun!

This is my wish list for this week, click on the highlighted links to take you to the product.
*First up is this lovely wet look skirt, I've been lusting after the Primark faux leather skirt that i've seen on alot of bloggers for ages. I actually think this one looks better, its a little bit longer than the Primark version and will possibly be better quality. This will be a great basic item to have in my wardrobe.
*Well if you've seen some of my posts you'll probably have realised that my fedora is basically surgically attached to my head. I'm a massive fan of hats, they can transform a whole outfit and hide bad hair days. I've wanted a bowler for ages and this one looks super cute, being black it will go with everything too!
*This Dahlia dress is currently on sale through the ASOS website. I always seem to stock up on Dahlia dresses when there on sale, I just cannot resist. I love the gingham pattern, I usually steer away from cut-out dresses but this cut-out detailing is very modest.
*I just love everything about this Glamorous dress. I love the lace detailing, the long sleeves, the length of the skirt.. this is just a ME dress.
*This blazer looks like the cosiest thing in the whole world! (maybe a slight exaggeration) I love the different coloured yarn and the slouchy style, this will be great for wrapping up come Autumn.
*How pretty are these shoes!!! I just love the metallic heel, they would just go with everything and look super comfy.
*Lastly, I need this dress in my life.. why so expensive (sulk, sulk). This dress has everything I love.. sleeves, lace, peter pan collar, full skirt AND its Lilac.. my favourite colour. Me and this dress were meant to be, but at £60 I may be trawling through ebay to find a good copy.

What do you think to my little lust list? £60 too much for a dress? oh why didn't I win the lottery on Friday!!

Hope your all enjoying the Olympics :)

P.S it would appear I posted this wishlist twice.. once without editing and this one :( sorry..oh dear bed time I think!!

Love Jo. x


  1. Love the metalic heel shoes from h&m and for only £30!

  2. How cute is that gingham dress?! :O x

  3. wow. the clothes looks very nice and your outfits, too <3
    now im following you. can you follow me back?


  4. I should have won the lottery on Friday as well, it is simply not fair. Those metallic shoes are heavenly and so is that Glamorous dress, I'd SO wear them together. Excuse me while I go and cybher stalk and try and track these babies down...

    Gemma x

  5. Nice post !

    Wow i WANT IT ALL I love the pumps !!

    I'm an instant follower of you now :)

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



  6. I wore the Jones and Jones dress in red to my prom and I'd say it's so worth it! It fits so nicely and I love the lace and the collar! I did a post on my blog:)xx

  7. I have just bought that hat myself! It's amazing, you should buy it! xx

  8. I love that leather skirt, I definitely want one for the fall!

    xo Jennifer

  9. love the leather skirt, hat and jacket! xx

  10. Woow i love your blog, i can stay hours here haha, i've seen too many blogs but your it's original. I follow it now!

    I invite you to follow mine :) kiss